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Monday, March 31, 2008

650 Van Buren St. Paul,MN,Lisa Martin Fire Inspector?

PIN (Property ID#)NumberStreet AddressCity Buren Ave St. Paul

Permit Online
650 VAN BUREN AVE -- Property Information --
Pin NumberZoning/UseHPC District
Information disclaimer...
Data Disclaimer:-
The City of Saint Paul and its officials, officers, employees or agents does not warrant the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information published by this system, and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance on the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information. Portions of such information may be incorrect or not current. Any person or entity that relies on any information obtained from this system does so at his or her own risk.
List of Activity...
07 033740 000 00 CO 650 VAN BUREN AVE Certificate of Occupancy
Type: Residential
Occupancy Type: Dwelling Units
Residential Units: 1
Class: C
Renewal Due Date: Mar 5, 2007

Paid In Full = No

03/14/2008: Correction Orders

02/13/2008: Correction Orders

02/05/2008: No Entry (no fee)

In Process
06 261372 S&C 00 E 650 VAN BUREN AVE Electrical Permit
Type: Service & Circuits Residential Repair/Alter
Issued Date: 11/03/2006
Final Date: 12/11/2006
Contractor: The Snelling Company, Inc.
Estimated Value: $100.00

Activity (most recent first):
MAIN-Electrical Inspection: 12/11/2006: Final
Blogger Bob said...

There is copy errors.

Cllrl$Ulpllu B. Coleman. Mayor
I{)() £JlSl J,'" 51,"",
541,,,, Pard, MN5510/
T~/~phon~: 651-*******
March 20, 2008
ST PAUL MN 55104-1658
Ref. # 103882
Dear Property Representative:
Your building was inspected on March 20, 2008. for the renewal of the Fire Certificate of Occupancy. Since
you have failed to comply with the applicable requirements. it has become necessary to revoke the Fire
Certificate of Occupancy in accordance with Section 33.05 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code.
A re-inspection will be made on April 4, 2008 at lOam the building must be in compliance or vacated.
The Saint Paul Legislative Code further provides that no building shall be occupied without a Certificate of
Occupancy. Failure to immediately complete the following deficiency list or the building vacated may resul
a criminal citation.
1. Exterior - SPLC 34.09 (3), 34.32 (3) - Provide or repair and maintain the window screen.
2. Exterior - SPLC 34.09 (3), 34.32 (3) - Repair and maintain the window glass.
3. Exterior - SPLC 34.09 (I) b,c. 34.32 (1) b,c - Provide and maintain all exterior walls free from holes
deterioration. All wood exterior unprotected surfaces must be painted or protected from the element~
and maintained in a professional manner free from chipped or peeling paint..Paint all peeling paint
including the rear deck.
4. Exterior - SPLC 34.08 (5), 34.31 (3) - Repair, replace and maintain all exterior surfaces on fences,
sheds, garages and other accessory structures free from holes and deterioration. Provide and maintai
exterior unprotected surfaces painted or protected from the elements.-Secure loose retaining wall.
5. Exterior - SPLC 34.09 (3), 34.32 (3) - Repair and maintain the door in good condition.~Repair the tOI
screen in the front storm door.
6. Interior· SPLC 34.11 (6), 34.34 (3) • Provide service of heating facility by a'licensed contractor which
must include a carbon monoxide test. Submit a completed copy of the Saint Paul Fire Marshal's
Existing Fuel Burning Equipment Safety Test Repon to this office.
7. lnterior - UMC 504.6 . Provide, repair or replace the dryer exhaust duct. Exhaust ducts for domestic
clothes dryers shall be constructed of metal and shall have a smooth interior finish. The exhaust duct
shall be a minimum nominal size of four inches (102 mrn) in diameter. The entire exhaust system shall
be supported and secured in place. This work may require a permi.(s). Call DSI at (651) 266-9090.
8. lnterior - SPLC 34.13 (4)· Provide and maintain an approved escape window from each sleeping room.
The minimum size must be 5.7 square feet of glazed area with a minimum of24 inches of openable
height and 20 inches of openable width. Refer to provide handout EW·I for more information.-Repair
egress window and provide a second egress window in the basement or immediately discontinue illegal
use as a bedroom in the basement.
9. Interior - SPLC 34.14 (2), 34.34 (5) - Provide an approved electrical service adequate to meet the
buildings needs. This work may require a permit(s), call LIEP at (651) 266-9090.-Hire a licensed St.
Paul Electrician to cenify all electrical work that had been done without permits including the open
wires under the kitchen sink and basement.
10. Interior - SPLC 34.11 (4), 34.34 (I), MPC 4715.0900 MPC 4715.0220S - Provide and maintain an
approved waste trap.-Have a licensed St. Paul plumbing contractor cenify all waste/vent/water piping
throughout the home. (Suspected lead based solder used on water pipes)
II. lnterior - SPLC 34.14 (2) c - Provide or replace the duplex convenience outlet with ground fault
protection within 3 feet of the basin on an adjacent wall in all bathrooms. This work may require a
permi.(s). Call DSI at (651) 266-9090.-Repair outlet in the kitchen.
12. Interior - SPLC 34.10 (7), 34.33 (6) - Repair or replace and maintain the woodwork in an approved
manner.-Repair the broken door frame located at the front door.
13. SPLC 39.02(c) - Complete and sign the provided smoke detector affidavit and return it to this office.
If you have any questions, call me at 651-228-6231. Please help to make Saint Paul a safer place in which to
live and work.
Lisa Martin
Fire lnspector
Ref. # 103882
cc: Force

11:25 PM

Blogger Bob said...

To: Lisa Martin, Fire Inspector
cc: Johnny and Diane Howard, Force,
Robert Kessler, Director, Dept. Fire and Safety; District 7 Planning Council; Leslie Lucht
From: Derrick and Trudy Brown
Date: 3/30/2008
Re: 642 Van Buren Avenue Ref #103882
We are writing regarding the letter which was apparently hand delivered today March 5, 2008 to our home notifying us that we must move by March 5, 2008 which doesn’t make since to us to be given less than a day to pick your family up and move.
We want to be very clear; it is our hope that the city reconsiders making our family homeless. Will there be relocations funds made available? Does the city have housing for rent? Will our belongings be set on the curb? What are our rights? Do we have any? Does the city of St. Paul care?
We gave this letter to our landlord who told us that he had know idea that the city of St. Paul was requiring us to move. We are aware of the inspections that have taken place at the property, not the exact date but we are aware that there have been inspections.
We read the Deficiency List which was part of the letter and then took a look around our home and could not find anything wrong. If there is something personal going on between our landlord and the city, please do not involve us. Clean, safe housing is to hard to find. After walking though our home and being satisfied, comfortable, and happy, really leaves us puzzled. As we look around the neighborhood there are not many houses that seem to be in better shape than ours.
• There are a couple of screens missing but we don’t plan on opening our windows for awhile.
• There are no broken windows
• The exterior of our house was painted last year
Rather than go though the entire list we will just say safety is important, but if the city really wants to address problem properties there another ways to do it.
As you know our home is in the 600 block of Van Buren Avenue. In this small geographic area, Dale Street to Victoria Avenue, we have over 20 houses either for sale or vacant.
639* 647* 672 718* 719* 768* 778 For Sale (empty) neighbors giving up on the city
646* 649* 654* 654* 689* 696* 699* 707* 805* 811* 822* 824* 830 (Vacant) the ugly blue signs.


Please help to make Saint Paul a comfortable place to live and raise our family rather than put our family out on the street. Why not do the repairs if there are any and charge the owner. Maybe even consider working with landlords to help address your concerns with dollars rather than evictions.

11:28 PM

Blogger Bob said...

To: Mike Urman/ Lisa Martin, Bob Kessler, Director
From: Johnny Howard
Date: 3/26/08
cc: Attorney Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services, District 7 Planning Council; Greater Frogtown Community Development Corporation; Tenants, Owner 650 Van Buren
Re: Notice of Certificate of Occupancy Revocation 642 Van Buren
Ref# 103882

I am writing in response to your letter dated February 14, 2008 regarding the re-inspection on March 5, 2008 that you conducted. I also have the revised list dated March 20, 2008.

As I address these lists, I do need help. If you could provide answers to the following questions I would truly appreciate it. I need the answers ASAP; I plan on appealing parts of your orders and I only have ten days to do so. I have went on the internet and read what’s available about chapters 33 & 34, but what I’ve read has not answered my questions.


1. What do you mean when you say maintain a waste trap? How do you maintain it? Do you have literature on this maintenance process?

2. What are the City of St. Paul’s requirements when it comes to waste traps on new construction?

3. What are the city of St. Paul’s requirements when it comes to waste traps on rehab properties?

4. Is all rental property in St. Paul viewed as new construction and expected to meet the conditions of new construction?

5. Can waste traps that are in good working condition be grandfathered in? Can a landlord make the decision themselves when to take on this dept?

6. Dryer exhaust ducts, why is it legal for items that are illegal to use in St. Paul allowed to be sold in St. Paul?

7. Does your office have a plan to help property owners, both rental and homeowners through these times? It is my understanding that this is the invest St. Paul Area, will there be any investing before we are all forced out?

8. Are there relocation funds available for the tenants that you displace?

Deficiency List:
March 5, 2008
March 20,2008

1. The screens were replaced, but a couple new ones are missing now. If you look at your note from your first visit, you will see that the screens missing are on different windows.
* I am requesting to replace screens the first part of May when the weather breaks.

2. All window glass has been repaired

3. At know time in the 16 plus years that I have owned this house has there ever been holes in the walls. There has been and is no deterioration on any of the walls on this house. There has been no chipped or peeling paint. I chose to paint the house because the paint was fading.
* The deck has been re-stained

4. I did have the loose bricks on the retaining wall repaired; I have not addressed any of the other concerns mentioned
*I cannot find anything wrong with the fences
* I do not or ever had a shed
* I cannot find anything wrong with the garage
* The garage is vinyl siding, what should I paint?

5 March 5, 2008 List: This was done by Snelling Heating & Cooling
5. March 20, 2008 List:

I am assuming that you are referring to the front door that we both noticed on the 20th that obviously had been kicked in. I pointed this out to my tenants and they said they would address this ASAP rather than have it come from their security deposit. They also will be replacing the torn screen.

6. March 20, 2008 List: Completed by the Snelling Company

7. # 6 on March 5th & # 7 on March 20th List:

I have replaced the dryer exhaust duct, although I am not in agreement with your orders or rational. This type of exhaust limits your ability to move your dryer, and further more; if the city of St. Paul is making it illegal to use foil, plastic and the other materials that are available, why is the city allowing this illegal material to be sold within city limits? Certain fire works are illegal in St. Paul and it is illegal for them to be sold in the city, is this a double standard for big businesses.

8. March 20th List:
# 7 March 5th List: The nut on the handle has been tightened. The tenants have been instructed not to use additional area in the basement as a bed room. I believe that Mr. Urman is wrong, I do not have the right to visit (hassle) my tenants daily, I can instruct them not to use UN approved area for sleeping. You write as if I’m sleeping there my self. Neither you nor I have witness anyone sleeping in that area and I am not comfortable accusing my tenants of breaking your law without proof.

9. March 20th List & # 8 March 5th List: There has been no electrical work done at this property since 2002, and permits were pulled at that time. This house has had at least four different owners since 1987. I do not know what they did or didn’t do with the electrical. I do know that at one point this was a HUD Property, I have not and have no intensions of having electrical work done in the near future.

10. As far as the waste traps I will not be able to have this work done until I can secure a loan. The waste traps have not been touched in the 16 plus years that I have owned the house and they have not been a problem, so I don’t understand the purpose of revoking the Certificate of Occupancy and forcing me to evict the tenants. Prior to my buying this house, there were at least two other owners, why didn’t the city address this issue before they allowed it to be sold? At one point this, house was HUD, did the city require it to be brought up to code before it was occupied, if so why wasn’t the traps addressed then?

10. March 20th List & # 9 March 5th List: See attached memo from the Greater Frogtown Community Development Corporation I will not have the finances available until then. If my application is approved, is this a life treating issue? If not, maybe you should consider not putting this family in the street.
It is my understanding that there is a little over 1280 Vacant Buildings in St. Paul; I truly don’t want you to force me to be 1281. Do you have a loan program that I can use? If so, my neighbor at 650 Van Buren is in the same situation as I’m in. I like the way you close your letters, (Please help to make Saint Paul a safer place in which to live and work). Somehow you might consider how your inspectors fit into this. It is my understanding that St. Paul is being sued by several landlords that feel that the city of St. Paul attacks landlords and that it is there mission to make their doing business in St. Paul as miserable as possible I pray that this is not true.

11. I could not find the missing or broken duplex convenience outlet. The screw had shaken it self loose in the outlet in the kitchen.

12. I could not find any wood work that was in need of repair. As far as the door frame see number 5.

13. I have attached smoke detectors affidavit, I assume since we inspected this together that this would satisfy your orders.

11:29 PM

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